Cambria Wines and Baccoo Rum Tasting Notes

September 13th, 2019

Cambria Vineyards

cambria table.PNG

Cambria is nestled on the Santa Maria bench in Santa Barabara County; which has one of the longest growing seasons in California and often has maritime influences and brisk salinity being so close to the water.

This Friday we will be tasting through the Catherine’s Chardonnay, Julia’s Pinot Noir, Cambria Syrah, and Viogner.

Cambria is operated by a largely female Vineyard team, with a focus on sustainable farm practices and community spirit.

“Cambria stands for exceptional quality. It also stands for the community and strong women working together to make great things happen.”

-Cambria Winemaker Julia Jackson

(She’s the Julia’s referenced on the Pinot Noir)

Cambria ladies.PNG

Baccoo Rums


Baccoo is the wish granting, trickster spirit of the Caribbean. Baccoo is comparable to the genie in a lamp or leprechaun mythos/stories found all around the world, except he’ll keep granting wishes as long as you keep him happy with bananas and milk.

We can’t help you with the bananas, but we can help by setting you up with a lovely 5/8 year rum made with pure crushed cane sugar, and NOT molasses. Then finished after distillation in ex-bourbon barrels which give it an extra caramel, caramel and toffee sort of kick. A spirit that’s well rounded and elevated enough to be enjoyed neat, and would serve to improve any cocktail you might throw it into.